About The Group

The Creighton Group Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporate governance research and educational organization with a growing network of concerned citizens that support our initiatives to enhance long term corporate sustainability thus benefiting their stakeholders, including the ill-formed and uninformed employees that comprise the voting electorate.  Our mission is to obtain commitments from the captains of capitalism, independent corporate directors and institutional investors, “to protect and sing the praises of the private sector”. Our objective is to convince corporate boards to sponsor “Tone-at-the-Bottom” (www.tone-at-the-bottom.com) initiatives in their corporations such that their employees become more informed voters.

It is in the corporations and shareholders best interest to operate in a society with an informed electorate.  Uninformed voters have been casting their votes to abolish or reduce many of  the tenets of the capitalistic system in which corporations operate.  Further, the private sector has been besmirched by pundits who have socialistic views. Corporations have a responsibility to their shareholders to protect the operating environment in which the corporation conducts its business, which will in turn benefit society in general, including those living at the bottom of society.  Corporations have the ability to enhance the “tone” at the bottom through educational and exposure initiatives.

Our board is comprised of corporate governance experts from United States, Australia, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Namibia, Malaysia, India, and United Kingdom.