About The Group

The Creighton Group, Inc. was founded as a consulting firm in May 1989 as a professional services firm by Dr. Larry Taylor in Los Angeles, CA.  During its thirty years it has conducted hundreds of consulting, training and auditing project from offices located in Los Angeles, Orange County, Washington DC, Bangkok, Thailand and Hong Kong.  The work consisted of environmental projects, productivity improvement projects and technology projects.

In 1993, having experienced considerable success, the firm created The Creighton Group Foundation, a 501c3 public charity that provides educational and sports programs for disadvantaged youth in Los Angeles County.  During the past 25 years, the foundation has helped hundreds of Los Angeles County youth develop such that they now live productive lives as young adults. Most of our youth do not have fathers in their lives. The objective is to serve as a “guided compass” for them, keeping them away from drugs and the negative influences of the streets. We are proud that our foundation makes a positive and significant contribution to society. Among other organizations that support the foundation is the United Way.

After the 911 catastrophe in 2001, The Creighton Group downsized by closing all of its foreign offices and significantly reducing its employee base.  Currently only the LA Office is open with a handful of contract staff focusing on intellectual capital endeavors.  However, it maintains relationships with experts around the world.  The Foundation remains active and in full compliance with California and Federal statutory requirements.

Notable U.S. clients include General Motors Corporation, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Northrop, Hughes Corporation,, General Dynamics, Honeywell Corporation, Warner Bros Studios,  U.S. Department of Navy, Los Angeles County, Metropolitan Water District, City of Los Angeles, U.S Small Business Administration, the U.S. Corps of Engineers, US Agency for International Development, U.S Environmental Protection Agency, California Department of Corrections, California Manufacturing Technology Center, Mars Corporation, Ford Motor Company and many more.

Technology related projects include Guided Compass (career management platform), Capital Experts Innovation Center (artificial intelligence research), MissionPossible (date matching platform), BirthdayBoost (video compilation app), and SwayBrand (a brand / influencer marketplace mobile app).

Our Technology practice is a team of designers, developers and business people focused on collaborating with clients to develop innovative user experiences that deliver positive business results for constituents.  We work with clients to architect, design, and build multi-device applications (mobile, tablet, desktop, wearable, kiosk), specializing in clients with a social mission.