Research Initiatives

The Creighton Group currently has the following initiatives to assist corporate boards enhance their corporate governance performance.

1. Work-Based Learning.   We see that the labor market is changing faster than ever, and that educational institutions are struggling to keep up. So, we conduct research on how to connect students to the workforce in a way that benefits both parties.

  • interview employers on work-based learning opportunities
  • interview students on career pathway exploration and work-based learning opportunities
  • analyze labor market data and entry-level recruiting data

2. Artificial Intelligence.  Artificial Intelligence is the new way of technology. We research applications of the technology, and how those application will affect the workforce.

  • interview startups with a.i. products
  • analyze and write case studies for the A.I. technology
  • forecast labor market shifts that will occur because of A.I. technology

3. Research Studies and Surveys.   Our world-wide network of professionals assess the progress made toward achieving our objective to make “tone-at-the-bottom” monitoring a best corporate governance practice.  To that end, we conduct the following research and survey activities:

  • collect statistics related to tone-at-the-bottom programs in corporations
  • analyze various approaches employed by corporations to improve information flow
  • compare board agenda setting practices around the world

4. Education and Training Programs.  Our world-wide network of professionals continuously advocates teaching tone-at-the-bottom principles in corporate governance programs around the world.  To that end, we create and conduct the following types of education and training initiatives:

  • publish tone-at-the-bottom articles in appropriate publications around the world
  • give speeches and presentations on tone-at-the-bottom topics around the world
  • conduct customized train-the-trainer sessions for corporations
  • write and publish “white papers” on topics related to tone-at-the-bottom corporate risks

5. Board-level “Tone-at-the-Bottom” Assessments. When requested a project team consisting of seasoned independent corporate professionals is assembled to assess the flow of non-financial information up the management chain and the “tone-at-the-bottom” risks using our copyrighted assessment methodology.




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