Background and History

The Creighton Group was founded as a management consulting firm in May 1989 by Dr. Larry Taylor after he left his position as the Principal-In-Charge of the Deloitte & Touche Productivity Consulting practice.  The firm provided productivity improvement and environment compliance services to Fortune 1000 corporations and federal, state and local government agencies.  In the early 1990’s Dr. Taylor helped write the international standard for environmental management (ISO 14001) as a member of the United States Technical Advisory Group.  He was certified as a lead environmental management systems (EMS) auditor and participated in the roll out of the standard around the world by conducting trainings and support projects for numerous countries.  In additional, he led quality management (ISO 9001) implementations through the firm’s offices in Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Bangkok.  Thus, during the 1990’s The Creighton Group specialized in providing international management consulting, training and auditing services around the world.

After the terrorist attack upon the World Trade Center in New York city, the firm canceled most international projects, closed its Asian office and limited its client base to U.S. based projects.  At that time Dr. Taylor co-founded an import-export business which subsequently became publicly traded via an initial public offering in 2003.   He served as the Chief Financial Officer and executive board member while shepherding the firm through the IPO process.  While serving on the boards of publicly traded companies Dr. Taylor gained considerable experience and expertise in corporate board practices.  Eventually he would be elected to the board of  the Southern California Chapter of the National Association of Corporate Directors.

As an independent corporate director he noted the lack of independent non-financial information being presented and discussed in boardrooms.   He watched his fellow directors struggle to comply with the corporate governance best practice doctrine that required directors to know the companies for whose board they serve.   The directors conformed exclusively to the “Tone-at-the-Top” philosophy which limited their ability to really know their companies.  The “good old boy” network from which directors were selected was slowly fading away in favor of the directorship positions being offered to the best qualified professionals that meet the company’s needs.   However, the directors were hand strapped because they had no source for independent non-financial information that would help them carry out their fiduciary oversight duties.  Independent directors could not effectively discuss and challenge risk assumptions without this information, as they were too dependent on management for information.

In 2011 The Creighton Group initiated an educational and advocacy program that is dedicated to addressing the “asymmetric information risks” that too many corporations face.  The program is entitled the Tone-at-the-Bottom.